About us



Edgar & Charisse Alvarez

Edgar Alvarez along with his wife Charisse are the founding pastors of High Place Church. Home grown in Brooklyn NY, but are currently in the South Jersey area. The 10 year old church was conceived during a 21 day fast where the Lord spoke clearly through his word to Pastor Edgar about how Solomon would go to the great high place at Gibeon and offer sacrifices unto God while he had it in mind to build the house of the Lord, and God appeared and spoke to Solomon.

passion To Help

High Place Church is the place where God appears and speaks. They are building Gods house by building His people. The church has a modern vintage feel to it with a cutting edge approach to ministry that focuses on what the church could look like in the next 10 years in hopes of remaining current and relevant to an upcoming generation without ever compromising the message. As pastors their passion is to help people discover the truth found in only the Lord Jesus Christ so we can walk in our destined purpose and full potential. They long to empower people through the scriptures to reflect the image of Christ and live the abundant life Jesus came to give us through the shedding of His blood on the cross and His resurrection from the dead on the third day.

It's About Grace

Their message is a liberating word that frees people from the chains of bondage inflicted by sins evil taskmasters. They preach a bold grace that removes the veil of religion so that with unveiled faces we can contemplate the Lord's Glory and be transformed into his image. The church has done a good Job telling people how to die, that's only part of the message, they want to also show people how to live the resurrected Life in Christ. Pastor Edgar and Charisse didn't grow up in the church, they came to know Jesus in 1996. They don't know Church, they know Jesus.

Pastor Edgar originally held credentials with the Assemblies of God as a Certified Minister. He along with Charisse are products of AG’s biblical institute where he finished class valedictorian. Pastor Edgar is a self studier who is currently working on furthering his biblical studies in the area of systematic theology. Pastor Edgar and Charisse have been a dynamic dual in ministry for 17 years beginning as youth pastors for 7 years. They have been married for over 20 years and have four wonderful children. Noah, Sarah, Levi, and Tobias/ Toby.